One of the "problems" I have with PennyGems is that my customers keep me so busy manufacturing and shipping them that I have very little time left to work on the web site. Nevertheless, here's some other things you might like to have or know about PennyGems.

Where To Buy Them

My current inventory is available through my web store. Some of the product line is also available at the BoardGameGeek store. You might also spot them at conventions in the Pacific Northwest.

About PennyGems

The Catalog: A reasonably comprehensive list of currently available PennyGems products.

Assembly: Hints, tips, tricks, and advice on putting your PennyGems together.

An Introduction to PennyGems: The original introductory video from my first Kickstarter project.

Inventing PennyGems: I've been asked more than once how I came up with the idea. Here's the answer.

Canonical Chromoiconography: An explanation of why PennyGems have those particular colors and symbols.

Specific games that benefit from being played with PennyGems.

Will I make customized PennyGems? The short answer is no.

Graphics & Downloads

Digital versions of the PennyGem graphics for rulebooks, summary sheets, and for avatars

Various Metamorph graphics and files for making your own Universal Token Creature cards for Magic: the Gathering.

The Flyer A PDF version of the flyer that gets included with most orders these days, which has advice on how to assemble PennyGems and on penny selection.

A Special Artisan's Workshop Tour: Project backer Julia Ziobro spends a day helping make PennyGems, and documents the process.

Leather Gamer's Bags

On the Kickstarter page for my "Ultimate Gamer's Bag" project it says that after the campaign concludes, the leather bags will be available here. When my primary online sales outlet was Etsy, that wasn't possible, since Etsy wouldn't allow me to sell them there. What remains of my stock will go up for sale on my new store when I can find the time to add them to the catalog.